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The poets at cloudninepoetry want to take the time to thank you again for reading our work consistently on a monthly basis. We do apologize for the lack of poetry in the past 30 days, but we promise to make it up to you all with the best we have to offer as soon as we can.

Thanks for your understanding, Happy Holidays!!!

Bitter – By Kenny Kato

Bitter…bitter…bitter it is
Wish I could say sweet, but
Sometimes it just is what it is,
Looking back at life from this point,
The obstacles have been fierce,
Now sitting on the edge of my bed,
With my hands to my head.

Sounds cliché, yes, I know
That “I’ve been drained of my tears”
Now all I do is share my woes
To hearing impaired ears,
Ears that have heard the same before,
Been through the same exact things
Needless to say,
Complaining to anyone doesn’t change a thing,
Just adds salt to what remains, open.

Bloody, sore,
The pain I get from this life of attack,
Hard to its core,
Even with wings on my back
An angel sent from my lord
To do what!?
I’m uncertain,
Its as if I’m an ant inside of an ocean
Sitting on a piece of paper
On it, the word hope is written.

Finding my way, my way
Oooh I wish I could see the shore
The taste of salt water is all I get
Salted sweat pouring from my pours
Hard at work to find successes shore
Open my mouth to shout for more hope
And left with that familiar bitter taste
The shore? As I get close
Echoes from the waves yelling — NO!…no…NOPE!
I must stay afloat…


The Sun

What does the sun do
When its tired of floating
Tired of smiling for hours
To people who hide behind shades
Where does the sun go
When it can no longer shine anymore
Just set down and hide its head to the floor?
While someone elses head is to the sky, elsewhere
Maybe the sun shines for a day here
To see how much happiness it can bring
& when its given enough
It switches sides…& leaves the rest up to rain
Simply to feel more powerful the next day.

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Who will shed a tear – By Kenny Kato

Who will shed a tear for the little boy

That lives without a home,

Who will shed a tear for the little boy

Surrounded by many, yet still alone,

Who will shed a tear for the little boy

Who lones for a father that doesnt know he exists,

Who will shed a tear for the little boy

Who dies inside, then dies again,

Who will shed a tear for the little boy

That only asks to be respected,

For you get what you give,

and I’ve given more than expected,

Who will shed a tear for the little boy

Hidden inside of a man whose changed & forgot who he was,

Who will shed a tear for the little boy

Whose smile hides his pain like a bandage on a thumb,

Like umbrella bottoms to rain,

Who will shed a tear for the little boy

That without poetry, would quickly heat like a gun,

Who will shed a tear for this son

Whose fears have been replaced by tears

Even they have dried out, each & every one.

Set me Free – By Miracle B.

misunderstood, but never underestimate me

truly unforgettable & always unbelievably

unbelievably confident, unbelievably capable

unbelievably loyal & faithful

talent unrecognized but also incomparable,

so confused in myself it’s so unimaginable

the circle of life, endless days …

sleepless nights

dedicated attitude, positive laughter

smile on my face when my emotions are a disaster

the more pain.. the more negativity,

makes me wonder if God would forgive me

for my thoughts, for my actions for my overall being,

because I don’t know what to believe.. I can’t look for seeing

hand in front my face while I walk into traffic,

everyday.. the air I breath feels horrible and tragic

I yearn for an outlet.. for just one good day,

its like I’m trying to talk without anything to say

I’m standing right in front of you screaming so loudly,

but you can’t hear me nor see me b/c your vision is cloudy

Clouded judgement, assumptions and jilted attitudes

strong personalities, so many swings of their mood

standing right in front of you but you just can’t clearly see..

all the things that are beyond good that are deep inside of me

lack of fulfillment…deeply enraged

in need of rescue, dying to be saved

can’t continue this path, searching for a release

always in a struggle without any relief

effortlessly and slowly still in a decline..

no room to rise, no room to climb

feeling stuck in a world where there’s only me,

weary minded and ever so lonely

If I reached for you, would you catch me

save me from myself.. set. me. free

Double Minded (Two poets–one poem)

In a world where double standards control more remotely than the government,
a list of things I can’t get away with, but you can all of a sudden,

A sudden twist.

From men to women, the poor to the rich, a big difference,
From the old to the young, right to wrong, something’s missing.
Like how I can’t have a mistress, when she got dudes lined up as if they’re on a guest list,
She got a guest list, but I’m alone and stressing, yet if I had a lot of females she would always be second guessing,
Hoping & wishing that with them, around I wouldn’t be messing, double standards are wreck less, hope they get this message.

But they never will…when she aimed at my heart she shoots to kill,
This is real, cause I’d never put her through that kind of ordeal,
The bullet in her pistol was cold steel, a scar around my heart that cocoa butter and neosporin couldn’t heal,
Such a terrible feel, shaving her sex partner numbers, while I’m labeled a garden tool in a filthy field,
but if I had a field of women…and she knew the deal?
The whole outcome would be different…women line up to scoop me, but I’m never tempted,
Like I’m trapped in a prison with the gate to the outside missing, if I leave she’s with that pistol again, spraying like a blind man pissing
No aim, but the bullets she uses never seem to have a name, she will never see the bigger picture if all she looks at is the frame,
I’ve told her again and again, to drop these double standard games, yet she still plays without shame, so like Facebook–this status is about to change
if YOU do its ok, if I do its wrong, over and over again on repeat, the same old song
She knows my patience is too long,
This world has directed our views to the bottom of the pond
It’s about time we realize our standards need to bond, once we bond forever has no end.

Minds come together as one that’s how the story will begin & when it begins–get on the same track,
then and only then will this double vision path clear and lapse of all road blocks,
but the task is demanding, the only thing that will save us is mutual understanding
I just hope you understand me and my language, while I explain verbally with many signs, trying to get through to you today, my bottom line
no more quarrels about this situation,
Confident in our relationship, not an ounce of hesitation
This chance right here cannot afford to be wasting it with double mindedness nor unjust double standards

Written By: Kenny Kato & Brandon Turner

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Maryland Entertainer – By Matt Bible

I was on my journey to the 5-6
Should’ve only been 8 hours
Instead it took 3 days, because she wanted her live fix
I found a Maryland entertainer for hire
She was California Dreamin
First month I was her favorite obsession,
then later told her friends I was a Carolina Liar
Oh, I’m not over…She did not love me
She loved money and to be pumped full of semen
I was her only desire…
In the neighborhood at least
Even as she made a mockery of my every hurtful demon
She still wanted her stepping stone to the Big Apple
When I left her stranded in Maryland
She called me a big ASSHOLE
Her only option to entertain was to ride the pole
After I’m back from crossing borders
I’d even give her a helping hand
I’ll wave, say hi, blow her a kiss, and start tossing quarters!
This is just myself being nice
A gift to give after her gift of laughter at my every sacrifice
When all I had to eat was a sack of rice
to flavor with the same pack of spice
I drank water, water, and more water,
kept it cold like me with a rack of ice

I fought the power of inequality
Turned around my negative remainder
While the fools of Maryland entertained her
One of them was me, I fell back into my same disposition
With her be prepared to say Goodbye to your dreams, your every last vision
I’ve become Stone Cold in my ways
I don’t trust anyone
I may never fall in love again, I don’t think this is a phase
Maryland Entertainer put me in her plays
My achievements will put her in her place
When I look out in the crowd I cannot wait to see her face
I’m sure all I’ll hear is praise
She wants that raise,
that fame,
and she will still be stuck on her same old ways
But if things would ever again become rough
Same old situation, within a day, she’ll tell you she’s had enough
In time ruining 15 months in business for 15 minutes of pleasure
You’ll be pissing up a rope trying to reclaim your treasure
You wasted on this Maryland Entertainer
She’ll leave you stranded and empty handed
drowning slowly in a place 25 miles south of Pennsylvania

Copyright 2011 – Demetrias Park

Colorless Love – By Brandon Turner

Love without color..that old school kind of love..

Like the tv from the old days..where black and white ruled everything..

The words meant nothing..

I was just me and and white..

Shades of color not really true colors..

Two trees occupying the same land without living in each others shadows.

How beautiful is it that we are shades of one color that describes the cloudy days,the stormy nights?..

We are two beautiful shades that provide details beyond measure that any color can bring out..

Life got fuzzy between us but we would always hit the antenna and make things right..

Or we would hit the tv a few times because the picture wasn’t always clear…

We represent the older generation of love..the good love days..the all or nothing days..

Not this distant future we everyone goes crazy and forgets what love means..

We are ancient like the paper airplane..hard to create but when its done right we fly faster and further then anyone.

We havent died..we just exist in a different time were color meant nothing but details meant everything

Insides Refaced

Looking in the mirror,
Seeing a face,
All features that create it
Remain the same as his body throughout the day
Weeks, months, a lifetime
Just get older, more wrinkled with age,
He runs from himself quickly,
As if he can get away.

Speeding like doing 10-60,
In a 1 mile an hour lane,
So fast it feels like he’s dizzy, but not twirling yet
So fast to any faster, this man’ll start hurling grit.

All this to run from himself,
This illusion he has created,
Trying to become something else,
Images from the media he has taken,
Brainwashed into believing,
That this is all he can be,
Bamboozled to believe that he who lays in him deep,
Is not the man he wants to be,
In the night when its dark, he looks in that mirror again,
After the day has ended
He falls asleep,
Maybe he will forget the old him,
To wake up a new man, with the same exact face,
Nothing on the outside has changed,
Just on the inside refaced.